A tool of incredible power, a simple question we can all ask!


Today has been a funny day of ups and downs – more downs than ups this morning and that’s why I found myself surrendering to “the way it is” and I decided to do a Chakra meditation…. the only answer I knew I could manage to take action on and complete.


I did the meditation, answered a few emails and then sat pointlessly staring at my laptop…. mmmm I thought, what next?


I then realised that I have been blessed with the freedom to have a day like this , a day that’s not perfectly productive and super successful… a day I can just allow to be what it is!


I was so grateful at that moment and then I said it ….”How can it get better than this? “Meaning it in the most sincere way possible, as I didn’t think it could get better than allowing myself to be in the moment when everyone else may be in a job they don’t like or doing something that is not there passion.


But it did get better – tremendously so!


I received a lovely email from a dear colleague who offered her help and her last sentence was…..

“Hang in there girl, an answer will be coming your way” .

Straight after I got a call from a customer who wanted me to partner up with him to do some training.


I was sort of back on the productive track – but my boss (that’s me) said well its Friday afternoon now so don’t do too much! (Still quite out of character for a person who has Percy the Perfectionist as an Ego monster). I suddenly realised it was month end and as I was paying myself first (A valued tip I learnt in a Money Magic course I attended) I discovered that I needed to invoice out R18 000 for services I provided during the month and hadn’t billed for yet – and they were for fantastic paying customers, so I know I’ll have that money in my account by next week.


In my financial excitement I forgot that I was picking my daughter up early today from school , so by the time I got there, I was met by School parking mayhem and chaos, as all the mums fought their way through one way streets.


I wasn’t in the mood to do the SUV nudge with the other ,suddenly very aggressive, mummies so there was nothing I could do but take a deep breath and patiently drive around the block expecting to do that at least 4 -5 times before I could park somewhere.

How can it get better than this? I asked myself for the second time in one day, this time a little more questioning than the first .Well on my first drive around I drove straight into a parking and …. Yep you guessed it, right in front of the school gate – no stress, no panic, just a very happy daughter and Mummy!


So I went from Stuckness to Euphoria, just by using three great tools from my coaching tool box:

  • Surrender
  • Meditation  and
  • “How can it get better than this?”


I just want to make a point at this stage; a purpose coach has “off” days too just like the rest of the world, even when we have all the tools at our disposal.


Just as a doctor can still get sick, even though he knows how to heal and cure most illnesses, we all need some of our own medicine sometimes – even if it is just to keep ourselves authentic … and real!


Next time you are doubting or needing some assistance,I recommend that you try it for yourself. 7 little words that form a universal question with powerful , inspiring answers “How can it get better than this?”


Thank you to Nicky from Towards Health for empowering me with this tool.

For more stories on this incredible tool, go to Nicky’s business site  at http://www.towardshealth.co.za/inspiration.html

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