About Inspire

About Inspire

The story of the Dandelion


In-spire is the life purpose and passion of Michelle Tandy who has created a coaching, training and facilitation consultancy that believes in the ability of every person to live at their highest potential. To read more about Michelle, click here… or continue to read more About Inspire.

My passion is to assist individuals, both within organisations and in their personal capacity, to:


  • Re-energise their enthusiasm for what they do and why they are doing it
  • Groom hidden talents and nurture passions
  • Establish goals and purpose statements
  • Help polish current skills and develop further expertise.


I have an intense need to give something back to the world, with the focus on the development of people and the continuous improvement of their quality of life, as my main passion and purpose.

In-spire provides the tools and focus necessary to develop, transform and energize the individual, leading to a life full of purpose, direction and choice.

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