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I do believe, I choose to believe

Its that time of the year – and boy oh boy am I a sucker for the Christmas season. I lap up every carols by candle light, every shiny bauble on the tree, every opportunity to shop for gifts that will excite and delight and even though its just a month  – its the best month of the year for me . I have a dear friend who hates the very notion of Christmas. She would rather disappear to a secluded island (I think she wants to go looking for Arrow truthfully) for the month , than expose herself to the dreaded […]

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The Story of …. Love

  I was wondering what I could write about this week, what lessons I could share with you and how I could stay in a place where I am vulnerable and true to myself. I am madly in love with my husband and after spending a wonderful weekend away with him and then receiving such strength and support from him yesterday, I kind of knew in my heart ….it had to be about love.   As I sat down to sieve through the drafts of ideas and content that I am forever jotting down for future use, I accidently came […]

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Gummy Berry Juice for Happiness

    I have received two answers this week with regards to happiness and the confirmation that happiness can occur irrespective of any other situation, person or event. Many of us are conditioned into thinking “I’ll be happy when…….” If this happens ….. I ll be really happy “. I call this destructive behaviour “Attachment expectations “.  They are the rules and conditions that we create with limits, that really make life difficult for us to enjoy.   I have been experimenting with what I have named “light visualisations” at gym for the last few weeks. It sound quite spiritual and […]

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