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The Dreaded Stuckness – Part 2

  As I was writing the first part of this article last Monday little did I know that I would be using my own advice quite a bit in the week that followed. The article helped me in so many ways to get unstuck and Ill give a few examples how it helped. First it was a life saver as I had a group of ladies over for a life coaching session and hadn’t had any time to prepare anything specific for them – so I used the article and the first 5 steps to get them started. Then I […]

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The Dreaded Stuckness – Part 1

  We live in a world where we are constantly driven to be better, stronger, richer, fitter … and so the list goes on. All in all, it’s a fantastic trait that we have, because we are always looking for ways to enhance our growth and leave a legacy that’s worth something. The only bad part of our desire as human being to keep pushing ourselves is that we are our own worst enemies, often driving ourselves to illness , stress, melt downs and what I like to call the dreaded “Stuckness “.   Here’s how I believe we move […]

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