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Quick, Quick, Slow ….

  My feet are tapping, my heart is pounding and I sit here wondering how today’s dance shall be performed. Another choreography played out on the stage of life, full of expression, history, crossed perceptions and drama, and at the core of it all, the birth of a baby boy. No this isn’t another attempt at a nativity play. Today is the day my ex-husband and his soul mate deliver their first son. A day that I am actively involved in (to some degree) and right now, I am quite apprehensive about it, for quite a few reasons. Firstly it’s […]

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Engage, Retain, Lead

  Watching rugby is a fantastic way to spend the weekend in South Africa and last weekend was no different for most … that is if you like drinking beer, shouting at the TV and eating Boerewors off the braai. For me it was a little less enticing but when the whole household is participating – you do feel obliged to quietly endure the afternoon. As the referee once more shouted out the instructions “Crouch, Touch, Pause and Engage” I got to thinking about the similes in life where a referee of our own, a parent, a pastor, a teacher […]

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