Character and Strengths References


Below are some Character and Strengths References given for Michelle:


“Michelle is highly effective in a wide spectrum of business operations. Her expertise in areas such as:

– Staff – motivating/training is exceptional
– Organizational skills – have resulted in streamline processes and less workload
– Team player – she has the ability to proof her worth in a team environment and often – will take the leadership role
– Task orientated – Michelle’s no nonsense approach in getting tasks done, have resulted – in achieving the highest awards

Michelle will be an asset to any organization and has the ability to play an integral part in the on-going development of a company”

Vanessa Otto, New Business Sales Consultant, Imperial Fleet Services

November 24, 2010


“Michelle is an absolute pleasure to partner with. She is inspirational in terms of her positive attitude displayed, and she has incredible ability to instil this into the people around her. Very few people can see and focus on the positive in every challenge faced and Michelle is definitely one of these people. This is a gift she has, which she has chosen to share with her clients, friends and everyone she comes across within her business.”

J Wilson , Director of Beyond Training

August 26, 2011


“I have had the honour and privilege of being Michelle Tandy’s Fairy Godmother over the past 16 months.  As such I have been involved in coaching and mentoring her.   When I first met Michelle she was in a corporate job, but within a few months she quit her job and bravely embarked on an entrepreneurial venture.  Her business “In-spire”, does exactly that.  Over the last year she has inspired hundreds of people in companies to find their purpose through their work and to ignite their passion wherever they find themselves.   She not only did work around South Africa in 2011, but also made such a big impact for companies that she was invited to other African countries to do her work.

Michelle is a woman on a mission to bring a more holistic and purpose-driven philosophy into people’s lives and their workplaces.   She is enthusiastic, generous, helpful, inspiring and committed to making a difference in the world.”

Donna McCallum Aka The Fairy Godmother (

01 February 2012