Coaching References


Below are some Coaching References given for Michelle:


“Michelle is knowledgeable and passionate about her Coaching and facilitation. She sets aside time to research and ensure that she has her finger on the pulse at all times in terms of the latest trends. She makes the business of coaching so relevant and apt that you feel like she has researched you personally as well, to ensure that the material speaks to you. Without even realising it my mind is being stretched and expanded at every appointment making me a more valuable asset to my company after each session. If people are the biggest asset in your company you need to invest in them by allowing Michelle to show them how to become the greatest success story.”

Rosemary Chambers, JJ Tobias and Associates

August 31, 2011


“Coaching is truly personal and Michelle makes you feel very comfortable to open up and share your ideas, she has provided insight that helped me trust the wisdom of my past decisions, and didn’t merely focus on financial success, but guided me in honouring a unique path toward self-expression, confidence and power. Many times she has helped me see things from a slightly different perspective by gently nurturing an awareness of the bigger picture and goals i have set. Michelle is detailed oriented, creative, professional, inspiring and fun to work with.”

Nomvuyo Msuthwana, Marketing Manager, Eqstra Fleet Management

September 18, 2011


“Michelle’s enthusiasm, personable and positive attitude is inspiring in all manner of ways and applications. For me she is a change agent; changing attitudes, thought processes and ultimately, lives. It is a privilege working with her. Barbara J Macdonald CEO, SPOT THAT Zebra”

Barbara Macdonald, Spot that Zebra

September 17, 2011