Gummy Berry Juice for Happiness



I have received two answers this week with regards to happiness and the confirmation that happiness can occur irrespective of any other situation, person or event. Many of us are conditioned into thinking “I’ll be happy when…….” If this happens ….. I ll be really happy “. I call this destructive behaviour “Attachment expectations “.  They are the rules and conditions that we create with limits, that really make life difficult for us to enjoy.


I have been experimenting with what I have named “light visualisations” at gym for the last few weeks. It sound quite spiritual and “out there” but honestly it’s usually just a desperate me trying to find some deep inspiration to make it through the hour long spinning class most of the time. So at the risk of you thinking this is becoming a blog about fitness Ill digress for a minute, if you don’t mind and explain myself.

Knowing what I do know about spirituality, the universe, angels, crystals, meditations and visualisation I decided I would try and channel some physical energy that I may need for an area of my body when it got tired or sore.


I imagine that I have two test tube vials in my upper legs, Lungs, arms, calves etc. and as they got tired or ached I would imagine filling these vials full of Bright green light or as I affectionately called it “Gummy Berry Juice” as each time I imagine this bright green liquid in my body l feel like Zummi, Tummi, Grammi, Sunni and Cubbi all rolled into one. Immediately I feel a surge of power and capability in the area I focused on and I strongly pushed through the exercise I am doing at that time.


As this worked for me physically I had a really good feeling that it would work when applied to my mind and soul too.  I made a note to apply it to emotions and thought processes as they arose.

When I received my answers on Happiness I grabbed the opportunity to try out the “Light Visualisation” on choosing to be happy. I focused really hard on what happiness felt like to me by imagining a time when I defined myself as really happy. I then felt the physical effects of that moment , the smile that made my eyes glow, the butterflies in my tummy that made my heart skip a beat and then I tuned into what colour I was seeing .


For me I saw a multitude of colours that I could only compare to the reflection you see when the sun shines into a puddle of water. There are reds and blues and greens and purples all swirling around together, it’s a delicious rainbow of intense beauty.


Now that I have the colour of my happiness, I focus on that colour whenever I feel my heart is sad or my brain muscles are low on inspiration, in fact whenever I need a “Happy pill”.I imagine the colours swirling around in my heart vial , spinning faster and faster and exploding out into the rest of my body like fireworks…….. and guess what it works every time.


To get back to when to be and not to be happy, there should only be one answer, Always be happy. This doesn’t mean having to be a clown or a joker constantly nor does it mean having to laugh or smile like the Joker from Batman. It means allowing yourself to consistently feel good within yourself and about yourself, however that feels for you.It means you will project happiness out into the world, healing others magically as you go along, attracting like-minded Gummi bears, fantastic opportunities and endless opportunities and answers as you move happily along your path of purpose.


Choose a moment of pure happiness for you, feel it physically and emotionally. What colour is Happiness for you?

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