START is an accronym I use to break down the often daunting task of getting someone “Unstuck”

The best part about the start is that there is an infinite number of starts for someone who believes in them, but those who squash starts with fears, attachment expectations and doubt confirmations, they will only get a few in their life time before they give up and hand opportunities and ideas back into the world of possibility for willing Starters to grab with both hands.


My recommendation? Start grabbing.



The purpose of this workshop is not related to outcomes or objectives, it’s related to 4 major intentions, that I hope you take with both hands and love and cherish.

The intentions are that you make a long term commitment, that there is no end to your growth and learning, that all opportunities and chances in life are possibility based and finally that this workshop transcends you to another level – an enchanted place full of love, light and laughter.


The 5 steps of START

  • Shift
  • Thoughts
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility
  • Trust



  • Find some clarity and certainty of what it is you want out of life
  • Receive gift pack that resonate with you and fit into your routine
  • You take action
  • Begin to live purposefully
  • Understand biology behind your thoughts
  • Discover the “Super Natural” You  – the perfect human being


You have two choices (as you always do in life) on how to do this workshop:

  1. Interested in doing this course by correspondence over a 5 week period . Click here for further information
  2. START public workshops are run over 2 Saturday mornings from 9 am – 1pm or as a full day session from 8:3o am – 5 pm.

Join us for this 2 part workshop, invest in yourself and start ……


Public workshop Investment:

Public session : R1100 incl vat p.p.

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The workshop also works well as a private group session , for conferences , seminars, social clubs,team break aways and events, at a time suitable for the Group

Special rates for group sessions or block bookings. Request further information here