Story Box Workshop


Have you ever watched a child when they receive their “happy” meal . They open the box with tearing, reckless joy or  gentle, paused anticipation, either way they look into that box with pure delight and adoration. The deliciousness of it all. A real treasure chest of their favourite things. The smile on their face, the happiness epitomized in that moment.


We may have grown up a little and not necessarily enjoy the above same boxes as much as our youngsters but we could still have the same reaction, if we created a happy box of our own favourite things.


The Story Box you make , will be there for whenever you need it. Feeling down, need some grounding, trying to find a smile or a ray of sunlight in a miserable day, this is when you will use your Story box.


We will put memories and photos in the box, quotes and artefacts that we love right now and we will also place our visions and dreams for the future in the box too. A Past,Present and Future time capsule to see, feel, smell and touch. To enjoy and treasure, a special place for you alone or to share with loved ones – its up to you!


The Story Box will help you :

  • Reflect on what worked well in the past
  • What your most important life lessons and traits are
  • Get to know what is really important to you
  • Collect, create and store objects of love and happy thoughts
  • Express your future dreams through images and colour


Course Content and exercises:

  • Purpose ponder reflection
  • What’s important to me test
  • Creative expression visualisation
  • Writing of life summary story


Story Box public workshops are run once a month on a Saturday morning from 9 am – 1pm.

The workshop also works well as a private group session , for conferences , seminars, social clubs,team break aways and events, at a time suitable for the Group


Join us for this Half day workshop, come have some creative fun and build a Story Box you will treasure forever.



Public session : R400 incl vat p.p.

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