The Dreaded Stuckness – Part 1


We live in a world where we are constantly driven to be better, stronger, richer, fitter … and so the list goes on. All in all, it’s a fantastic trait that we have, because we are always looking for ways to enhance our growth and leave a legacy that’s worth something.

The only bad part of our desire as human being to keep pushing ourselves is that we are our own worst enemies, often driving ourselves to illness , stress, melt downs and what I like to call the dreaded “Stuckness “.


Here’s how I believe we move out of the “Stuckness” and START.


1.       Shift


My number one tip is to shift, anyway you can. To shift means to move, so think about which area of your life you are stuck in and step away from it , move around it , step through it , push it away. You can do this by getting physically active, spend some time in nature, escape to a movie, Dance, meditate, float in a bath ……do what you love.


2.       You need the right Tools


When a bolt is stuck tight or a key is stuck in a door we reach for our bottle of “fix it” grease without a second thought and spray like crazy until the object starts to loosen. The same applies to your life – invest in a good bottle of “self-help” by going to see a purpose coach, head off to your favourite book store for an inspirational book or sit quietly , breathe and listen to what your heart is telling you (not your head ) and action accordingly. Once you have your preferred tool – spray like mad until you start to feel freer!


3.       Authenticity


In my coaching practise I have come across many customers who believe they are stuck and when we investigate a little deeper into the meaning of that for them , one thing often pops up “ I am trying to be who everyone else wants/needs me to be “. No wonder they are stuck. We can try as hard as we can to be somebody else but this becomes hard work for the brain and ends up sapping all of our energy. Say good bye to the “fakeness” and the hard work and get to know what you really like to do and be … just for you.


4.       Responsibility


There is only one person who can get you out of this trap you are in and Im sure you have heard it before …..You! Yep its time to take responsibility for your predicament. Ask yourself honestly, is it time for me to make a change? Do I feel like Im on the right path? Am I energised doing what I am doing at the moment? Remember it’s easy to be irresponsible and it takes a lot less effort, but were you born just to accept? I think not!


5.       Trust


Oh dear the big” T” word, what does that have to do with me being in a rut? We need to trust in the universe, your God, fate, coincidence and in time itself. We need to believe that at this exact moment in time that every experience and event is serving us as it is needed to. We need to trust that there is a bigger plan and that our part in it, is rolling out smoothly, even if we consciously feel like it has been a hell of a bumpy ride – it’s all part of the journey. So take a deep breath, do what you can and trust!



If you haven’t noticed yet each one of the tips mentioned above are part of the acronym START and I did this for a very good reason. It’s often daunting to think of picking yourself up after a meltdown or climbing out of the sinking sand that has become your life but it can be done, step by step, small actions at a time. If all you can manage is one small shift today then do that and observe how you feel after starting, then tomorrow ……start some more.

Next week Ill send out 5 more tips to assist you in moving from Stuckness to START. So make sure you try all of these this week!





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