The Dreaded Stuckness – Part 2


As I was writing the first part of this article last Monday little did I know that I would be using my own advice quite a bit in the week that followed. The article helped me in so many ways to get unstuck and Ill give a few examples how it helped. First it was a life saver as I had a group of ladies over for a life coaching session and hadn’t had any time to prepare anything specific for them – so I used the article and the first 5 steps to get them started. Then I made a huge shift in my life through a chakra meditation and received fantastic answers from the universe because I let go and trusted impilicitly.


By the end of the week I had generated tons of money, opened myself up to receiving and possibilities from the universe and in the process had taken responsibility once again for my success and authenticity.


Sometimes these tools may seem a little simple, a bit hard to believe or even, as one of my male customers said, Naïve. The point is that they are those things and so much more and the major lesson for me was that the more I shift, take responsibility and trust, the more I receive, grow and believe ……and the best part, its effortless success when compared to the way the rest of the “corporate world” operates. It is not hard work, just a little commitment and effort to start well, the rest just follows – How fab!


In part one of this article, I gave you some really easy tools to get you out of the Stuckness. Hopefully you have lifted yourself out of that sinking sand and have managed to pull your ostrich head out of the duvet covers to action the first 5 Steps. To refresh your memory, here they are again:


  • Shift
  • Tools
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility
  • Trust


I would love to know which ones you tried out for yourself, which ones where your favourite or had the best results. Please remember to comment on this post and give me your feedback – I love to hear your thoughts and views. It’s a real gift to me!


Here is this week’s tools, in my next Acronym for START:


At the base of everyone’s true purpose is a need to serve others and this does not mean slavery by any means. To serve in this context means to be of use, to contribute, to be of purpose.  To assist others in any of these ways will make you feel useful and worthy and push you right out of the sinking sand of negativity. Who can you serve? Maybe it’s a family member or a friend that needs you or maybe it’s someone outside of your immediate circle. Find a charity, church, event or Non-profit organisation you are able to volunteer your time too in some way



When you are stuck, pay careful attention to what you are thinking because you are doing it all the time and it could just be the poison that is restricting you both physically and mentally. A good way to become more aware of your thoughts is to write them down. Give it a shot, you will be amazed what comes out – good or bad, get them out of your head if they are not serving you well!



Ever woken up from a dream and thought “Gosh that’s it, the answer I am looking for” or been in the car and the radio and billboards you drive past all seem to be giving you a message? Don’t ignore them. Write the messages and answers down and then see what you can do to actually make them happen – it’s a wonderful “things to do” list, full of purpose and potential and a great way to start a “stuck” day!



There are many cycles in life and the one I believe is a crucial element to our personal development is what I call the “Gift Cycle” It’s the cycle of giving and receiving and the cycle must have both actions in order to spin round productively. When you are stuck, you need to do two things to get this cycle rotating, Provide to and accept from others.

So when you are stuck in a rut, what is it you need to do more of? Receiving from others or serving others? (Clue – It’s the one you don’t do enough of).



It’s mainly because of our parents and teachers that we are all very good at minding our manners and always saying please and thank you at the right time. Thank you though, goes a lot further than just manners. Giving thanks or being grateful is a fundamental part of getting unstuck.

Gratitude is a process whereby we get to think of all the things we have in our life, the good and the bad experiences and all the special people and moments we have shared. Its about reflecting on the abundance in our lives and acknowledging how truly “lucky” we are. (I put Lucky in inverted commas because there is no luck, its all happening as it is supposed to. There are no mishaps.) When we get really grateful for all of the above we enter a state of what I like to call “Humbled euphoria” This is the moment where you sit quietly, crying tears of humility, yet bursting with overwhelming joy as you realise the magnitude of gifts of growth and experience that have been given to you.  If you are stuck, its time to really say Thank you!


Lastly, I leave you with my analogy on running the Comrades marathon, which is happening soon. When a person makes the enormous commitment to run the comrades marathon (either up or down, they are both daunting projects) you will never hear the word “Try “come out of their mouths. They don’t get up one morning and say I am going to Try and run the Comrades, they get up and train. They train and train and train. In the gym, on the road, completing other road races and marathons and eating the correct foods. They train non-stop to get their bodies in peak condition, preparing for the physical challenges that lie ahead of them.


I use this analogy because if we want to change our life, get out of this deep abyss of misery or plain old ordinary existence, then we have to train too. We have to train our brains just as hard as the Comrades runner. We have to exercise them every day in different ways, we have to reach the goals we set out for ourselves and run the marathons we have created in our thoughts and beliefs. We too need to eat the right foods, socialise with like-minded people and train our brains with books, visualisations and the tools I am giving you in these two posts.

If you would like to succeed, then I suggest you take “Try” out of your vocabulary and replace it with “train”   – Start now!  Have a great week!





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