The Pathfinder Programme for Corporate Employees



“… the major themes in the programme are about the ability to make purposeful decisions, gain some creative empowerment tools and be challenged on their current thought processes and behaviours, in a proactive way”  

~ Michelle Tandy


Its simple in theory – Succession plans work if the people marked for promotion actually learn and grow, rather than being thrown into the deep end to swim, with only their current technical knowledge, to now become an expert, lead a team and stay afloat personally.

The statistics on coachingIn practice the average time it takes to develop the skills and qualities to step up a level promotion wise, is between 1 and 5 years* but in reality the succession programme is often a lot briefer, due to those unforeseen exits and restructures within a business. So how do we make sure that employees and the business are prepared?
In-spire has created a proactive coaching process aimed at the lower level employees within a business. The concept is to start coaching these employees with potential, as early as possible in their career or current position.

Bi weekly coaching sessions shall cover themes and discussions that empower, give direction and build the self-esteem of the employee, as well as teach them about communication and prepare them for the potential of being a future business leader.



Ideal candidate for Pathfinder programmeWho is the ideal candidate?


Its you, it’s me, its anyone human who wants to do more, be better or feels stuck in their current scenario. I have coached many senior people in business, who all had the same to say “If only I knew this earlier”

The senior executive, the budding entrepreneur or the passionate employee are all the same intrinsically …

a person with a desire to live well, to live their own “very best”.







Coaching programme outlineBreakdown of the individual coaching programme and toolkit

1.      Reflection on the last year of business and personal performance

2.      Clarity of purpose and setting of Career Goals – the building blocks of success

3.      Beliefs – how your beliefs move you closer to success

4.      Inspiration – breaking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive

5.      Values – adopting a value structure for ultimate success

6.      Rules – uncover your hidden rules and always feel good making Business decisions

7.      The Six Human Needs – which ones do you need met by colleagues?

8.      Communication & Projection – Confidence to speak and be Heard

9.      Responsibility and Delegation– the foundation for freedom

11.    Purpose – true meaning in life and how it links to Now

12.    The big picture – where to next



3 Reasons for employees to enrol on Pathfinder

benefits of coaching programme

In-spire Coaching started off as an intense need to give something back to the world, with the focus on the development of people and the continuous improvement of their quality of life, as our main passion and purpose.

Many of the problems and challenges people deal with today are directly linked to the values and beliefs they develop over many years of social interactions and not with the actual “issue” at hand per se. All seven areas of a person’s life overlap and cannot be dealt with in isolation. It is proven that personal values and beliefs are directly linked to performance, leadership abilities, employee commitment, absenteeism, productivity and job satisfaction.

We believe that a person has to take personal responsibility in identifying their own potential and true purpose. By working out and applying solutions, for the short falls they perceive they have and in reviewing the results with an objective coach, the more complete and sustainable the learning is ……….and the potential to grow is unlimited.






What would you be investing in….?


  • Confidential, one hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Minimum of 12 sessions
  • Coaching onsite or via Skype
  • Individual coaching fee structure  – not corporate rates
  • Brown paper lunch sessions for sharing  – dependent on number of delegates on the programme with your organisation


Michelle has coached more than 50 individuals from Banking and investment institutions, law firms, major corporates, recruitment specialists and entrepreneurs calculating to over 400 hours of coaching experience and the priceless opportunity for her to walk incredible paths with inspired, determined people.


Michelle takes people through various scientific techniques and proven methods and provides them with tools to assist in accomplishing their life’s mission, through interactive dialogue, focused direction, responsibility and personal reflective work.

Read testimonials on Michelle’s coaching to date or see linked in profile



During this programme, the Coach ensures that:


•       The employee is 100% happy that they deserve both the time and money invested in them by the Business

•       Set clear and tangible objectives together

•       Assist in fast tracking the path that they are already on or need to pursue in the future

•       Improve their financial relationship

•       Assist them  in obtaining sensible routine in their  life and help them  to have more time for work and tasks, for self, for others, for family etc.

•       Provide tools that are business applicable yet linked to a more holistic view of manifestation and are practical and sustainable

•       Ensure they gain momentum through achievements and big dreams


 Please remember that Coaching is not a quick fix. The delegate will need to look inwardly for answers and personal achievement of steps towards growth. It is a process of negating negative thoughts and eliminating destructive behavioural patterns.




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