What is a Life Coach ?


Life coaching is the process of working with and assisting people to realize their full potential and purpose in life. Through a solutions-based process we, together with the person unveil and eliminate negative behaviour and thought patterns, in a safe, empathetic and inspiring environment.


Life coaches empower people through various scientific techniques and proven methods and provide them with tools to assist in accomplishing their life’s mission, through interactive dialogue, focused direction and responsibility and personal reflective work.


2 Approaches to life coaching


The comprehensive 13 Step programme

Through the 13 step programme we assist people to making lasting change in all 7 areas of their lives


The condensed event specific modules

Through this approach the person is allocated a life coach to specifically deal with one aspect of their life that is possibly restricting them, alternatively a period in time where they are having difficulties or contrary where a person requires direction and coaching to improve and develop strengths and traits for a particular role or growth opportunity. Between 1 and 8 sessions are required for modular coaching interventions with individuals.


Why should someone choose an In-spire Life Coach?

People should use Michelle as a Life coach as she is trained on various methodologies and philosophies of coaching and not limited to one set of coaching principles.

She understands the real value of coaching for the individual and strives to meet the expectations of the person in the following ways:


  • Ensure that they are 100% happy that they are investing in themselves and that they deserve both the time and money spent on them
  • Set clear and tangible intentions together
  • Assist in Fast tracking the Journey that they are already on or need to pursue immediately
  • Improve their relationship with their money
  • Improve their Body, Mind and soul triad
  • Assist them in obtaining routine in their lives and help them to have More….more time for self, more time for others, more time for family
  • Provide tools that are practical and sustainable
  • Ensure they gain momentum through their achievements and dream big
  • Get over the negative beliefs and thoughts holding them back.


Why should you come to a coach and not a counsellor or therapist?