WorkshopsHere are some of the workshops I have created and I offer them in both public and closed group sessions to ensure all my customers are catered for. Have a browse through and see where I can help you.

All my workshops are cusotmisable so if you want to swop or add any of the content together or have a specific need you want to discuss , please get in touch.




Authentically You

Its time to shake off the dust, rid the mind of negative clutter and “busyness” and spend a morning discovering your real purpose and drive.

Feel good about the choices you make and unlock your potential through our self-reflection and thought provoking tools and exercises

Its time to discover the Real Authentic You . Get ready to be inspired!

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 Start the conversation

These light hearted , inspirational, group facilitated coaching sessions are just for you if you can only attend after hours and only want to pay half the cost of a regular one on one coaching session – take advantage now!

Each Bi weekly session is designed to take you through various purpose coaching themes and self empowerment tips and tools.

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The majority of the time, even when we think we are stuck,  we are actually already on our quest in some way and most often its just about understanding that simple truth, trusting the ride you are on, taking action and being grateful for those little gifts that will one day collectively define your true purposeful  self.

And that is the intention of this workshop. Authentically sharing my story and providing you with tools and clues that will help you to Start, start living, start loving, start being, start training , start moving, start doing.

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Story box

When we get down and creative we can find out some really special things about ourselves.

This is the workshop that helps you to have fun and express yourself , reflecting on the past, appreciating the present and capturing the future and saving all of those lessons, symbols and artifacts in a Story box which you can sit with and treasure, anytime you want.


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Peeps for Life


After a grueling term of exams and assessments , finishing off syllabuses and term reports , the kids want a bit of a break , please Mom …

…. and a much needed release of creativity & imagination !

Why not let them spend a few FUN hours with Michelle

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What gift could you give yourself that benefits your body , mind and soul ? The gift of time, stillness, breath ….. the gift of meditation.

Join a group of like minded individuals in a powerful monthly meditation.


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My Reawakening  – The Goddess within

Make a difference in your own life , Get in touch with what makes you … fabulously You !

Come and discover your own unique feminine power and abilities.

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