The Goddess within Facilitators

Sitting having coffee together recently, Barbara and I got chatting about recent problem I had been through health wise and the toll it took on my body, mind and soul. Barbara being no stranger to female health issues either in the past, lead us to discussing the illnesses and diseases that were mostly “female” in nature. Those diseases that we thought are more common or can only happen to women.

We spoke about breast cancer, ovarian and cervical issues, fertility problems and hormonal imbalances and the more we spoke , the more we realised that these problems that women experience may just have something to do with the way we have adapted to society’s demands on women nowadays.

Louise Hay summarises it so nicely in her book “Heal your Body” when she associates females problems to “the denial of self . Rejecting femininity. Rejection of the feminine principle”

We are told we cannot show our emotions in public, we are told to toughen up ,to do not think. We are competing and succeeding in the workplace with male energy ,rather than the energy that makes us all fantastically female.

The Goddesses we read about from time gone by, Cleopatra, Venus and many more, didnt change who they were – they were adored for being women , gorgeous powerful women who rules the world.

Its time for us to stop trying to be “heroes” and look after the female body and mind in a way that is natural for us all. To lead from a place of true feminine energy, in all areas of our life.

Confidentially being You, fabulously you and thats why we designed this workshop.


Michelle Tandy

I am the pathfinder, purpose coach and mentor, corporate trainer and facilitator, Inspirational speaker and so much more. I am a Wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. I am me, the best me I can be!


Barbara Macdonald

I am passionate about growing self-esteem, self-worth and personal success. I believe we are all special and unique. I have a tremendous sense of style and fun!  My enthusiasm and passion is inspiring. I am the best I can be!


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